Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 Education Pipeline Awards

The Education Pipeline Award was established in 2008 by the State Bar of California to recognize outstanding efforts of law-related educational programs that train and support students to become interested in the judicial system and careers in the law. 



Education Pipeline Award Criteria

  • All California educational programs in kindergarten through high schools, community colleges, undergraduate entities, law schools, the courts, and other entities focusing on the educational pipeline into the legal profession are eligible. 
  • Programs must demonstrate successful efforts to increase student awareness about the judicial system and knowledge about the legal profession and careers in the law.

Information to be Included in Nomination Materials

  • Program description including details about the size and scope of the program.
  • Backgrounds of students (age range, whether they have family members in the legal profession, why the students chose to enroll in the program, socio-economic status of the students).
  • Whether the program serves a rural or urban area.

Factors to be Considered

  • The length of time that the program has been in existence.
  • The duration and frequency of student interaction with the program (daily, weekly, quarterly, throughout the school year, during the summer).
  • Whether the program is extracurricular or part of an academic program.
  • Innovations or creative strategies that are part of the program.
  • Documentation of increased student awareness about the justice system.
  • Measures of increased student knowledge about the legal program.
  • Demonstration of an increase in the students’ legal skill set.
  • Any increase in applications to the program.
  • The rate of retention of students in the program.
  • Activities that expose the students to real legal practitioners and workplaces.
  • Any materials provided to students and parents.

Past Award Recipients

2009 Recipient: Pacific McGeorge Education Pipeline Initiatives, Sacramento

2010 Recipient: Deer Valley High School Law Academy, Antioch

2011 Recipient: Center for Youth Development through Law, Berkeley

2012 Recipient: UCLA Law Fellows, Los Angeles

2013 Recipient: Department of Fair Employment and Housing Educational Partnerships; Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Crawford Law Institute Mentorship Bond Program

2014 Recipient: California JusticeCorps; King Hall Outreach Program, UC Davis School of Law

2015 Recipient: University of San Francisco School of Law, Academic Support Program; The Judge Stephen O’Neil Trial Advocacy Mentoring Program, Loyola Law School
2016 Recipient: Los Angeles Superior Court, Teen Court
2019 Recipient: University of California, Irvine, Saturday Law Academy